Apoyo a Grupo Virto en la formalización del Estado de Información No Financiera (EINF) de 2018, 2019 y 2020 según las directrices de los estándares GRI y de la Ley 11/2018.


Support for Virto Group in formalizing the Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF) for 2018, 2019, and 2020 according to the guidelines of GRI standards and Law 11/2018, and preparation of templates for subsequent autonomous elaboration. Virto Group is a leader and reference in the production and distribution of frozen vegetables for retail, foodservice, and industry. It produces more than 450 million kg of net product from 4,000 references of all types of vegetable-based products in 15 specialty centers distributed in Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, and the USA.