The educational sector is distinguished by the need to coordinate the needs and expectations of students, families and teachers. It is highly regulated and requires continually adapting to technological advances and social changes to remain relevant. Its financing comes from various sources, directly influencing the quality and accessibility of education. For these reasons, we have focused mainly on projects related to strategic planning, improvement of processes and procedures, dashboards and certifications and recognitions, such as EFQM, Fundibeq or B-Corp.

Proyectos realizados en el sector

Strategic planning

Considering the general guidelines set by the institution, the Educational Project of the Center and the framework structure of the Annual General Programming in educational centers.

Process management

We have a process map and a detailed description of the strategic, support and operational processes (information, admission, reception, teaching action, tutorial action, guidance, attention to diversity, coexistence, etc.).

Balanced Scorecard

Controlled scorecard of indicators and possibility of benchmarking with international reference centers through an online tool (Scrumtegy).

Certifications, Seals, and Awards

IT tool adaptable to each center and prepared to facilitate obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Services tailored to the sector

EFQM & Excellence

Strategy & Projects

Process Management


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