The healthcare sector stands out for its critical impact on public health and well-being, operating under strict regulations and quality standards to ensure patient safety. Characterized by rapid technological and scientific advances, it requires highly specialized personnel and constant updating of practices. Efficient resource management is key to responding to the demand for health services, facing unique challenges due to public policies and demographic changes. Ethics and social responsibility are essential in this sector, which not only focuses on the treatment of diseases, but also on prevention and education to promote healthy lifestyles.

For these reasons, we have focused on good practice and sustainability reporting projects.

Projects carried out in the sector


Preparation for obtaining the EFQM seal, awards for quality and innovation in public management and other recognitions of good practices.


Materiality analysis taking into account the prioritization of stakeholders and the most relevant aspects for the healthcare sector.

Sustainability reports

Sustainability reports based on a selection of indicators from the GRI standards adapted to the healthcare sector.

Services tailored to the sector

EFQM & Excellence

Strategy & Projects

Process Management


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