In-person and online training

We offer a wide range of training offerings, in person and online, that can be adapted to the particular needs of each organization in the form of execution and the depth of the content. We use online participation tools, alternating theoretical concepts with practical applications, so that the sessions are very dynamic. We can complement the training action with monitoring its implementation.

We provide the specific training described in each area of ​​activity:

EFQM & Excellence

Strategy & Projects

Process Management


Cross-cutting themes

         In addition, we provide training on cross-cutting issues, such as

Management Skills

OBJETIVES Improve leadership skills, team management, communication, motivation, recognition, negotiation and conflict resolution of managers…

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Creativity Techniques

OBJECTIVES Enhance the creative capacity. Generate creative teamwork strategies for innovation. To learn creativity techniques….

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OBJETIVES To understand the meaning of work teams, their structure and operation. Facilitate and learn…

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